Memorable Events

What will your friends and family remember most about your event? Will it be your stationary? The facility where you hold your reception? The food, flowers? According to several articles you should decide what elements of your wedding are important to you and then allocate a percentage of your budget to those items.

In the many years I have been DJ-ing I've been to many wedding receptions. I have eaten some great food and seen some beautiful places. I have read all kinds of articles and seen "percentage" calculators. I've read the opinions of many wedding planners and the like. Most of them agree that you should allocate the largest percentage of your wedding budget to the food and facility. (somewhere between 38%-45%)

You know what I have found after over a decade of performing at weddings and other functions? You know what your guests will remember most ten years from now? It won't be any of the above.  It will be...the PARTY!!! On our initial interview about 90% of clients say that what they want out of their event is the "Best Party" they and their guests have ever been to. THIS WE CAN DO!

Gil can teach your guests popular dances that include the Cha-Cha, New York, and Salsa Slides and Michael Jackson's THRILLER. Your guests will be delighted as everyone will get a chance to burn the floor with The Dancing DJ!

The Dancing DJ will THRILL your guests!