Lighting plays a dramatic role in mood and atmosphere at your event. We can offer different or customized lighting packages to add to your upcoming event.

We can up-light or color wash your walls and ceiling, monogram your dance floor or wall, add dance effect lighting to create movement and color to make the dance floor more appealing, add bubbles for your entrance and dramatic first dance with a mirror ball effect.

What makes us different is we use the new technology of LED lighting, which is safe, not hot (like a 500 - 1000 watt halogen), brighter, can color change on the fly, low wattage that won't kick electric circuits, durable and dependable, as they offer 100,000 hours plus without changing bulbs. We are one of the few companies that offer this technology.  Check out the video below!

Below are some pictures of the LED PROPAR 64 Up-Lights (purple, blue, turquoise, and red, however, these are state-of-the-art (they retail for $400 each) LED up-lights that are programmable to over 250 colors and many variation of each color. The rental fee for each fixture is $50-$60 per fixture includes set-up and break down.) 

If you book you DJ with us we can offer you a discounted rate on any lighting you may want to book, which will amount to a SIGNIFICANT savings for this beautiful effect!

Room without up-lights
Same room WITH up-lights

Warm Pink

Turquoise & Blue


Light Purple

Fire & Ice