Dance Instruction

You know when you go to a wedding reception and you can tell that the bride & groom have done their best to impress? The banquet hall & flowers are beautiful, the hors d'oeuvres are delicious and you know that the event promises to be memorable. Then, as the bride and groom are announced, the guests cheer! The newlyweds make it to the center of the dance floor, the bride and groom look like Cinderella and Prince Charming. Everyone holds their breath as their special song begins, but unlike Cinderella and her Prince, there is no magical dance, instead, for the next three and a half to four minutes the couple just stand in the middle of the floor and sway back and forth from side to side, or worse yet, do nothing at all!

Imagine being at your wedding, on the dance floor, it’s your “spotlight moment” and EVERYONE is watching. You’ve spent thousands on the catering, decorations, clothing, cake, and entertainment. The videographers, photographers and all your family and friends have their cameras ready to record this special moment. What will you do next?

Well, what we do is prepare you to make that special moment the most memorable moment of your day! As a result, not only will you have less stress about your first dance, but your guests, family and friends will remember your first dance and your reception forever! How can I make sure this happens? The average couple needs around five to ten dance lessons to work well together as a team on the dance floor. However, as a certified ballroom dance instructor with fifteen years of experience I have trained many couples for their first dance and have developed a method which can get you ready or your big day in five easy lessons GUARANTEED!

As a certified Ballroom Dance Instructor,

Gil has helped many couples for their wedding day's first dance. He can do the same for you! He teaches out of Dansarts Studio in Audubon, PA. Call the number below to set up a free consultation.

Gil can help you to pick a dance song for your event and then teach you how to dance that particular style of music. He can teach anything from Ballroom to Break-Dancing!


That the average couple will spend nearly twenty thousand dollars for their wedding reception, but rarely allocate any of their budget to prepare for their “moment in the spotlight “…their First Dance?

According to an article entitled "10 Ways to WOW Your Wedding Guests" written by you may consider the following suggestions:

Plan Out the First Dance

For your first dance, fake out your guests by starting off with a slow song; then switch to a fast beat with a rehearsed routine.

Bring in a Show or Guest Dancer

Hire professional flamenco dancers, break dancers, or ballroom dancers to put on an amazing after-dinner show.

I know you've been to those events where the music is playing, but NO ONE is dancing. No one wants to be “the first one out there” on the dance floor. But sometimes, there is that one person that just gets out there and starts everyone off.

Instead of leaving it to chance why not have a “Mystery Guest Dancer” in there crowd that will guarantee the level of infectious energy that will keep people entertained and dancing all night long? As your "guest Dancer" your friends & family would never even know you hired a "Party Starter" to kick the event into overdrive!