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David & Addie Kirchner 10/25/15
Gil,  I don't even know where to begin, but I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I was just blown away by your work on Sunday.  I knew it was going to be good...I told everyone how awesome you were going to be, but I could not have predicted how epic that reception was. I'm sure that all of your receptions are like that because of how talented you are, but I want you to know that you went above and beyond because my family is not easy!  I have never seen my parents up and dancing for that long.  They always dance for a few songs, but I did not expect them to be out on the floor the entire time.  That's huge!!!  I had such an incredible time dancing all night, and I know everyone else did too!  There were so many people asking me where we found you and commenting on what a great job you did.  I'm sure you get that all the time, but I can't tell you enough! You're just amazing! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!  Is there any where that I can write a review for you?  I want everyone to know that you are the King of all DJs!


Anthony & Justine Miller - 8/28/15  
I am the mother of the bride writing this review. I told Gil when I met him that I don't give out 5 ratings very easily. But I am giving Gil a 5. I was reluctant to hire a dancing DJ because all the pictures I saw of him on his website, he's in the pictures! This led me to believe that he would be a little "to much" and take all the attention. I was completely wrong. He knows how much he needs to do to keep the party going and then he backs off. Our guest all liked him and thought he was a lot of fun and I agree with them. I did like the fact that the reviews I saw all said he was fun. Those reviews are all correct. He is not only fun but friendly and professional. Our guest danced all night. They were an eager young crowd itching to dance but there were others that told me not to be offended if they didn't dance because "they don't dance" at weddings. Well they were all dancing. Gil also did the music for the ceremony and came through with all the songs we wanted and played them timely during the ceremony. We needed the processional song "looped" and he made that happened. Thanks Gil. You were a joy to work with and deserve the 5.

Andrew & Oxanna Shears - Wedding 8/15/15

We were completely blown away by DJ Gil. We selected Gil because he came highly recommended to us by friends, and it was easy to see why. Gil ran the show from beginning to end. Everyone was on the dance floor the entire night. People of all ages from our 5 year-old flower girl to my 85 year-old grandfather danced the night away. All of our guests told us this was the best DJ they had ever experienced and I'm certain Gil ran out of business cards that night. We had some unexpected changes to our wedding, but Gil was able to quickly adapt so that our guests didn't notice any issues. He was fun, charming, witty and professional. He got everyone involved from the beginning and was even on the dance floor with us most the night. I would highly recommend Gil, without hesitation, to anyone looking for a sure way to have the best night of their lives. It's cliche to say your wedding day is the best day of your life, but in this case, it truly was, and we will remember Gil for the rest of our lives.

Nicholas & Cydnee DiUlio - Wedding 10/04/2014
Let me put it simply: DJ Gil was by far the GREATEST DJ any of us have ever known! He absolutely killed it and exceeded every expectation my wife and I had for a wedding DJ—in music selection, general MCing, and, of course, the dancing! The thoroughness and perfection of Gil's Thriller dance will forever live in our family's lore. 

Not only did Gil bring a wealth of energy, professionalism, and style to the event, but he was also a pleasure to work with. His love and passion for performing—and his endless desire to see people having a good time—translated into a truly remarkable performance. And he is now a veritable super star amongst our friends and family. I cannot even count the number of people who sung his praises at the wedding...and are STILL singing his praises to this day. I am not one to shell out hollow praise, so believe me when I tell you that I am not exaggerating here. My wife and I have had the opportunity to catch up with many friends since the wedding, and without fail, EVERY conversation about the reception at some point leads to a discussion of how absolutely amazing Gil was as a DJ. In fact, here's a verbatim text one of my groomsmen sent just the other day: 

"Dude, I was in the O.R. today when Gangster's Paradise came on and all I could think about was DJ Gil. That guy was amazing!!!!" 

That's been the basic gist of everyone's praise. So, it is with much sincerity that my wife and I heartily recommend DJ Gil for whatever event you have planned. He made our night truly unforgettable, and our reception would not have been half of what it was without him. DJ Gil sets the bar to which every DJ should aspire, and it won't be forgotten.


Christopher & Jonnie Koriniko - Wedding 09/27/2014
Gil was amazing!! He went above and beyond not only helping keep the timing of the reception, but keeping everyone on the dance floor so long, many forgot their shuttle back to the hotel!! Gil knew how to keep the crowd on the dance floor all night long, even people who haven't danced since the 80's... I had the time of my life and I have no doubt that it's because DJ Gil is an amazing entertainer.


Andrew & Bryanna Kott-Wedding 09/19/2014
When we first met Gil for our consultation, he mentioned that a DJ is one of the critical investment decisions that can make or break your wedding: nothing could be more true, and Gil absolutely made our wedding reception. He has a fun, outgoing personality, and places the bride and groom's wishes first. He believes in taking requests to accommodate your guests as well. His pricing is more than reasonable (he amplified our harpist for the ceremony, and provided gorgeous up-lighting and DJ services for our reception). Sound quality was great for everything, he verified the order of events and bridal party name pronunciations, and accommodates special requests you may have (in our case, dances for my grandparents). The flow of the music energy went seamlessly all night, not to mention he can sing and dance with the best of them, which means no worries about getting guests up and partying. Our guests raved about him and what a fun reception we had. My husband and I literally never stopped dancing for our entire reception after dinner, and the memories we have are priceless.


Raymond & Kristin Gramazio-Wedding 09/6/2014
My husband, my father-in-law, and many of their family friends had careers as DJs on Long Island at one time, so when it came time to hire a DJ for my wedding I was super worried. Hiring The Dancing DJ was a no-brainer! I had been to a wedding he DJ'd at a few years ago and remembered how much fun everyone had. He knows the right songs to keep the crowd entertained, includes any special music you ask for, and even dances with you and your guests! My mom is widowed and when I looked over and saw that she had a dancing partner, I was thrilled. The grin on her face was priceless. My husband and I got compliment after compliment on how great our DJ was. If you want your event to be fun and memorable, you'll hire The Dancing DJ!

Steve & Nadia Harhen - Wedding 08/30/2014
Looking for a DJ that can really get people dippin' and dancin'? Look no further. The crowd at my wedding was a solid mix of people from the West Indies and New England. Gil was able to read the flow and mix two completely different musical styles together. What happened next was awesome; dance moves were shared, good times were had and the people were blended and mixed as well as the music was. In addition, Gil has the experience to handle, help, and boost your confidence and spirit at every step of the wedding process. Seriously, we couldn't have been happier and our guests couldn't have been happier. 

Thank you Dancing DJ!


Bonnie Snyder - Fundraiser 06/21/2014
The event we contracted Gil for was a Relay for Life event. This event is to help raise money for cancer research and to aid those suffering with the dreaded disease. Gil was Fantastic!! He not only performed the entire 12 hours he was contracting for but also helped with other activities going on while performing his own responsibilities. Gil has the utmost professionalism with very high energy. He can get the most stubborn, I don't dance, person to get upon the dance floor and shake their booty. He is great with handling last minute changes and the 2 man crew he brought with him was there to help at a moments notice. His collection of music would satisfy any age and is not the typical wedding music type arrangement. You can tell him what kind of music you want to hear and that's what he'll play. He had to fill 12 hours with music and never once repeated a song. Well except for the annoying song activity where he had to play an annoying song until $250 was raised. He even made that fun. 
I would recommend Gil for any type of DJing. He knows how to keep the party going and is very high energy. Thank you Gil for all you have done for us and I look forward to next year.


Sebastian & Michelle Fischer-Wedding 05/25/2014
The Dancing DJ (Gil) and his team were AMAZING!!! We received sooo many compliments from our guests after the wedding about him and the entertainment. We don't know how he is so energetic and happy but it is awesome. The Dancing DJ did more than just play songs. He brought out the energy and ensured everyone was dancing and having tons of fun!! Our expectations were surpassed and they made our wedding so memorable. We have seen a lot of DJs and no one that we have seen before was as unique and special. He did everything that we asked and made the bride feel like a princess. He understands how important weddings are and truly gives it his all. Pick The Dancing DJ!!!

Josh & Brandi Nemes - Wedding 04/05/2014
DJ Gil did such a wonderful job at our wedding! Our guests are still talking about the wonderful time they had and how fun the reception was, mostly because of Gil. He really got our guests involved with the dancing and even taught some of them the moves when asked. He was so professional and enjoyable to work with in the months leading up to our special day. I can't praise his efforts enough. He comes HIGHLY recommended by my husband and I. We let anyone who is looking for a great DJ know about Gil.

 Jenny & Brian Atkinson, Wedding August 17, 2013
Skytop Lodge - Poconos
I think the best way to describe how DJ Gil delivered everything he promised and that all reviews on this site are in fact DEAD ON - is to provide some examples and quotes from my big day:

1.) Dinner was announced twice - YES TWICE - and people would still NOT leave the dance floor. Indicator number 1 the party was kicking from the beginning. Consider counting fewer heads if you book DJ Gil b/c people will choose dancing over food...

2.) He somehow managed to WALTZ with my redneck-wanna be sister after she exchanged her strappy MOH shoes for cowboy boots. May need to know my sis to grasp the depth of this, but trust me - this is big time. So not only does Gil breakdance, he will also Waltz.

3.) The waitresses were WOBBLING with the videographer - and of course Gil was showing everyone how to do it properly. Enough said with that one.

4.) NO ONE ATE CAKE. Which normally happens at weddings - but I DIDN'T EAT CAKE - and I LOVE CAKE. I also neglected ice cream, which is also embarrassing to admit....

5.) The 'people not wanting to leave the dance floor' theme continued until the end of the night. Once the music was cut the guests changed "ONE MORE SONG" for a solid minute before we got the OK from the reception staff.

6.) People still would not leave the floor after the second last song played and the chairs and table cloths were being cleaned up.

7.) No one in the wedding party had a voice left by the end of the night.

What did I hear from my guests to know Gil helped me throw a fabulous party?!
"No one danced at my wedding and no one will stop dancing at yours!"
"I have never been to a wedding where everyone danced like this"
"Can you believe _____ was on the dance floor?!" (I could fill in the blank with probably 15 names)
"I have never danced like that before in my LIFE" 


Text Message on a Sunday in February - 2013

Good morning Gil! This is Ashley Wilson, you DJ-ed my our wedding reception last year in February. We just wanted to tell you were watching & editing our reception video last night and wanted to thank you again. You did so much for us & our reception was amazing thanks to you. Thank you! Hope you're doing well!


Julius & Angela de Vera - November 24, 2012
William Penn Inn
Shout out to DJ Gil Keough. He killed it yesterday. Made an already memorable and extra-ordinary event into a straight up jam session that had all the guests talking....thank you so much Gil for being apart of our day. You are not only great guy but also a true entertainer! This is just the beginning my friend. 

There are no words to describe what DJ Gil provided our wedding. I've never seen so many people dance at a wedding in my life. He was engaging, energetic, and just had a blast in all he did. Made us feel comfortable the whole time!! Music was the hottest mixes of music but so tasteful for our wedding . The rating scales doesn't go high enough for DJ Gil. We want to have Gil do all our parties, small or big, his personalty just shines and that is so priceless when looking for a DJ. We truly feel that the "DJ" title does him no justice, DJ Gil is an Entertainer. Hands down best DJ ever! He DJs, he dances great, but he entertains everyone. When you meet him you will have no hesitations on that he will be the man to do your event. - Love Angela and Julius

Karl & Megan Michner-October 27, 2012

The Dancing DJ is simply the best! I cannot thank Gil, The Dancing DJ enough for how wonderful he made our wedding. Gil provided music for prior to our ceremony, the entrances for our ceremony, as well as cocktail hour, dinner, and reception music. I never knew how closely I would be working with our DJ until a few weeks before the wedding date. About a week before our wedding Gil came to our venue to go over the layout and timeline of the evening with myself and our wedding coordinator. Putting my mind at rest is an understatement!

Gil is the epitome of professional, however that word is so "boring". Gil is anything but boring. Every Bride and Groom should have the experience that my husband and I had on our wedding day. We couldn't have been happier with his services to us. He is now the #1 recommended DJ at our venue, friends have asked for his card and information, others had wished they booked him for their past weddings, and he will DJ every event I plan in the future.

You want a wedding and a party that everyone will remember and be talking about? Gil is it. Simple as that. There is no party without The Dancing DJ!


Dan & Megan Neff - May 19, 2012

Best DJ ever!! High energy, Super accommodating and made sure EVERYONE had fun! The "Dancing DJ, GIL" had prior obligations, so he had DJ Matt step in. Gil couldn't resist the opportunity to dance, so he came shortly after my wedding started to dance the night away with all of us...they BOTH were great! I would never hire another DJ.


Dave & Ashley Wilson - February 11th, 2012

(It might seem long, but please read everything. You will thank me later when you hire Gil to be your Dancing DJ!)

Gil was incredible!!! There aren't even enough outstanding words in the dictionary to explain how phenomenal he was. We absolutely love him and love his work!!!!! 

From the start, Gil was on his game. He sent us his information in the mail and sent us emails a day after I contacted him. We had several contacts through phone and email and he met us close to our house for a meeting to see what we wanted and to explain what he offered. He was in constant contact with us up until the very day of the reception to clarify things, ask questions, make sure he knew what we wanted, and to even get proper pronunciations of the people’s names he was announcing. We had a destination wedding in Jamaica and a PA reception in Conshohocken. Gil knew all of this and worked with us every step of the way.

Gil contacted our caterer and the guy who we were renting our hall from well in advance to our reception date. He wanted to iron out details and ask any questions he had. That impressed me and I was very happy with that. It showed that he was reaching out to make sure all his bases were covered. Our caterer and Gil worked together at the reception so they were both aware of the timeline of each event that was taking place throughout the night. Which he consistently came over to my husband and I to give us a heads up when things were coming and to make sure we wanted it that way and that we were ready.

Gil showed up early to set up and his set up looked awesome. He was dressed so handsome and appropriate for the wedding reception. He played everything we asked him to, along with so much more. He also stuck to our 'do not play' list and did not play songs we did not want played. My husband's uncle brought a Jamaican flag with him and since we got married there, Gil hung it on his DJ table which was great & went well with our theme. He played some Bob Marley and island themed music, which we didn't ask him to do, but he did it on his own and it gave it a real nice touch and gave the reception a nice feel. It was great he listened to us and knew exactly what we wanted. 

He was always making sure everything was going according to plan and got involved. He is not only a DJ; he is an incredible dancer and an entertainer. His title suits him well. He had the crowd going, dancing, smiling and having fun. He even had people dancing that do not like too, as well at my 87 year old aunt which was impressive. It was hard not to dance with Gil as the entertainer. He did a wonderful job and is so talented at what he does. HIRE HIM! You won’t regret it I promise. 

Dave & Ashley


Vince & Amy Caruso's - Wedding - 10/22/11 
The Renaissance Room at Blair Mill Inn - Weddings, Events, Mitvahs, Showers and more : Horsham, PA 19044

All I can say is, DJ Gil LITERALLY saved my brothers wedding day! So many things went wrong on the day of my younger brother's wedding and he and his new bride were so worried and stressed as they watched their special day fall apart. The shuttle bus never showed up at the hotel and I had to  shuttle 80 of my brothers guest from the hotel to the facility. Then, one of the officiants got lost and arrived thirty minutes late, which then pushed the entire schedule by half an hour.

We thought that the whole day was just going to be a nightmare and a bad memory, that is, until Gil took over the event and the stress melted away. From the announcements on Gil had the whole room having fun which broke all the tension. When it was time to dance, Gil made up for everything that went wrong that day by not only keeping everyone on the dance floor but also by injecting so much good energy into the party that everyone was commenting about how amazing my brother's DJ was.

I've been to many weddings in my lifetime and I've seen all kinds of DJs, but Gil Keough is the best DJ and entertainer I have ever seen in my life! Many of my brother's guests agreed. DON'T look any further! Don't hire another company or another DJ. If you want the best and most memorable wedding reception you or your guests will ever have just hire Gil Keough and he WILL NOT disappoint you! - Nick Caruso (Brother of the Groom) 


Zach & Kelly Shaffer
October 1, 2011
DJ Gil is not only the best DJ we've EVER seen in our lives, he is the best DJ in the country! We just could not believe how amazing he was! He truly made our day the most memorable day ever. Our parents, friends and family absolutely LOVED him! Not only did he play our requests and a great selection of music, but he was out on the dance floor, singing and dancing with us until the very last song. We feel so happy to have had Gil DJ for us. Even on the way out, our guests were saying that our wedding was the best wedding they had ever been to! There is no doubt, DJ Gil Keough IS THE MAN, and we just want everyone to know what a great entertainer he is. Thank you so much Gil! -Zach Shaffer - Groom

We have never, in our lives, seen a better DJ than Gil. No DJ has ever done what he does with a group of people and we've never witnessed another entertainer as dynamic and interactive as he is. He really loves his work and was having as just as much fun as everyone else was! - Jerry Shaffer, Father of the Groom

 Michael & Mary Kate Winkler - September 17, 2011

"We just wanted to say how happy we are with everything you did for us last night! Everyone is still calling us to tell us what a great time they had at our reception and how impressed they were with our DJ. We got everything we wanted and more! Thanks so much for doing such a great job!" - Michael & Mary Kate Winkler

"We're 42 years old, so, we've been to our fair share of wedding recepetions. DJ Gil is, hands down, the best DJ we have EVER seen!" - Leo Couchara, Reception Attendee.

"We've seen some "interesting" DJs come through here, but DJ Gil is definitely among the top and the best." - Kevin Johnston, Banquet Manager for Desmond Hotel

"I've been here for four years and DJ Gil is the best DJ we've EVER had come through our doors." -Dwight Delgado, Assistant Banquet Manager
Emily & Tony Ganard - Wedding 09/09/2011

Stephany and Steven Thorne - Wedding August 27, 2011

Our Aug. 27, 2011 wedding....happened to be the day a hurricane (Irene) was hitting the area! Gil (our DJ) was my shining star! When Gil called he went over everything and asked if we had any other requests. We actually had a very unusual request that we didn't want to ask for but we decided to go for it. "Gil, can you play any of the music from Back to the Future's Enchantment Under the Sea Dance"? Gil - "Like the soundtrack?" Us-"No, like...part of the the horn intros from the band playing...?" We knew it would be weird but we thought what the heck, doesn't hurt to ask and we wouldn't be disappointed if he didn't find it; we knew it was obscure. Not only did he have that playing as guests walked into the reception, but he also found some background music from the movie to play softly during the best man toast! Hilarious and awesome! Just the beginning...Gil, got everyone on the dance floor and even came out and rocked it a few times himself! I had guests coming up to me telling me he was the best DJ they've ever seen! EVER! Finally, like I said, there was a hurricane going on. That hurricane spawned a tornado watch that went into effect around during my reception and the venue advised Gil to try to wrap up. Gil let me know that he was there to stay and play throughout the duration of our contracted time. He kept the party going and our spirits high and we stayed and danced the hurricane away! Great lighting! Awesome DJ! Thanks for being part of our wedding!
James & Erin Kelble - August 13th, 2011 

Amazing DJ! DJ Gil is the way to go! A month later and our guests are still talking about what an amazing DJ we had. He was perfect! perfect for dinner, low music so everyone could talk, then after that GOT THE PARTY STARTED!!!! if you want a party for your reception hire DJ Gil! 

Mt. Haven Resort – Salsa Fest Guest July 19, 2011
Nicholas Andrefsky

I have been in the entertainment industry for nearly 40 [gasp] years and every once in a great while, something surprises me. I was attending a function in the Poconos July 2011 - a Spanish/Salsa Theme - and wasn't expecting much.

What I got however was the single most high energy, charismatic, audience friendly, talented, unforgettable DJ I have ever seen. Once again, let me put this in perspective: nearly 40 years!!!! And am a professional entertainer!!!!

You know folks, it just doesn't get any better than Gil Keough. He sings, dances, chats, teaches [all bi-lingual] and carouses in the best possible way - to qualify as a family entertainer. And infectious?-They wouldn't let him stop! Even when the gig was over [and I saw management indicate this], the dance floor was packed. Not just with screaming kids. As a matter of fact, there wasn't a person under the age of 21 in the room. From about 30-80 years old, even an old man with a cane and an elderly woman with a walker, was dancing to and with the dancing DJ.

He was out there with them, teaching and dancing like there was no tomorrow. You cannot ask for more than that from any entertainer. If you are looking for a DJ who is an ENTERTAINER, please call Gil Keough. You simply will not regret it.

Middletown NY
Jackie and Arnold Vergel - June 17, 2011
After what seemed an impossible feat to find a local bi-lingual Spanish speaking DJ, along came DJ Gil to our rescue. He was more than we could ever ask for, such a pleasure to work with, and our friends and family are still talking about him! From the very beginning with emails going back and forth, phone calls, etc, Gil was always responsive and on point, which enabled a 100% stress free me. :) Gil's contagious energy and charm had my whole wedding party pumped, and my guest's out on the dance floor all night. The up-lighting feature also just put the right touch of color in the room and made it much more fun and inviting. He impressed us so much and had such a great experience, that we already referred another couple to him. Gil is definitely the full package, and the AWESOMEST DJ ever!!

 Kevin & Amy Vanic-Wedding June 12, 2010

All I can say about Gil is that he is AWESOME! If you want a DJ that is going to get people out of their seats and dancing - he is the man. Gil DJ'd our wedding and everyone kept asking "who is that DJ" "where did you find him"? Everyone loved him because he doesn't just sit behind the turn tables, he actually gets out there on the dance floor with you. And with his fantastic personality and skills, he gave us an event we will remember forever!

You will not regret hiring The Dancing DJ!

Thanks again Gil for an doing an awesome job! We have told so many people about you and those who were at our wedding had no idea a DJ could be so entertaining. As anyone can see in the pics, you got everyone out there - and that is all anyone wants at their wedding. You are our DJ for life!

Thanks again for making our day so special, Amy and I love ya! - Kevin and Amy Vanic

Aggie & Felix Hewitt 
 Saturday, May 29, 2010

From the first time we met Gil, he gave a lot of time to us in helping us organize our reception. He was full of life and energy, wise beyond his years, and made this day for us the happiest day of our lives. Gil is gorgeous to look at, dancing like a star, extended his graciousness to everyone he came into contact with. Because I am a physician and my now-husband is in corporate finance, we had so little time. Gil jumped in and made the whole process doable for us. He also gave us dance classes prior to the wedding, which was SO GREAT. We actually had a beautiful routine for our wedding, applauded by all of our guests. There could not have been a more perfect person for us. We will spread the word about Gil! -

Chris & Kara Lomas - Wedding December 4, 2009

Gil was a hit at our wedding. The Dancing DJ was the life of the party. He took the time to listen to what music we want played at our reception and he stuck to our list. The best moment on the dance floor was Gil dancing to MJ’s Smooth Criminal while wearing a fedora hat. That move brought people to the dance floor. Gil is much more than the Dancing DJ, he is also a great Dance Instructor. He was able to teach us the Waltz in only 4 lessons. Our guests were amazed by our first dance which we owe all to Gil. We would recommend Gil to everyone. Thanks! - Chris and Kara Lomas 

 Alex and Ashley Arroyo-Wedding September 12, 2009

Gil was an absolutely amazing DJ and I am so very happy we chose him. Not only did we want a DJ who was full of energy and a crowd pleasure but we needed one who was bi-lingual. Never did I think I would find both of those qualities in one man...but Ohhh was I wrong!! Gil is such an outgoing and lovable person with a smile that lit up the whole room. My husband and I became very close with Gil because we took Salsa lessons from him for our wedding. He was so energetic and happy each lesson. I dont know anyone who is in a good mood all the time..except for Gil!! Being a typical bride I was worried about everything but Gil promised me that it would all work out, it might not be as planned, but it will work out. He stood by his word and made my wedding the best day ever!! Gil was the highlight of our wedding. Everyone loved him and is still talking about the "Dancing DJ" to this day. His dance moves are out of this world. Gil made all the guests (young and old) get up and shake their groove thing! I don't know how many times we thanked him but whatever it was it wasn't enough!So many of my guests told me how much they loved Gil's music, dancing and personality. Music and dancing is what everyone looks forward to at a wedding and there was definitely great music and dancing going on at mine (thanks to Gil). It really meant alot to me knowing that my guests had a great time and I definitely have Gil to thank for that. I have recommended him to everyone that I know thats getting married. We appreciate everything that Gil did for our wedding. There is so much more to say about him but I know I can only write so much. Simply, he is the best DJ around and I would NEVER go to anyone else. We really miss Gil alot and hope he wont forget us! We will cherish the memories that Gil has afforded us. THANK YOU GIL!!! WE LOVE & MISS YOU :-) Sincerely, Alex and Ashley Arroyo -


Lisa & Carl Evans - Wedding August 01, 2009

Forgive me for not responding earlier. I have not caught my breath yet from dancing!!!... First of all, let me tell you what an asset you have in Gil. Please don’t ask WHY, does she not call him Mr. Keough?? Why?? Because Gil will ALWAYS be apart of our family. I simply fell in love with his personality @ our first visit. I told Carl that night, "Baby, thats the one." Gil, has the personality that commands attention. His style is second to none, professional attire ALL the WAY!!! Even when he challenged my new nephews to a UNPROVOKED, impromptu break dance competition. OMG, you should have seen it!!! The boys on the floor showing Gil their best interpretation of what they have probably saw on TV. Gil graciously and patiently approved of their skills. Then, oh BOY!! he got right down there with the children and showed them the CORRECT, B-boy, way..It was a riot. My guests flowed right with him chanting, "GO D.J." It was the BEST day EVER. I had guests asking me who is that D.J.?? He’s THA BOMB!!! I simply would say," That is MY DJ!! He’s courteous, proficient, charming, and very patient. Does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING without the approval of bride and groom. Works FANTASTIC with others. I cannot say enough about my NEW Brother, Mr. Gil Keough. Every event that he hosts will be done to PERFECTION. You have a winner in this man, a genuine, modern day "Midas", I’m sure that I am NOT the first to say, neither will be the last when I say, Gil Keough can pull a chair up to table and break bread with me and my family ANYDAY. We love him as family & wish him well, with God’s many Blessings. To have a man represent a company as such that Gil does also says a lot about whomever hires him. They have a eye for THE BEST. In closing, let me extend heartfelt thanks to Gil for being a part of the BEST day a bride could ever imagine. Keep spinning those records Mr. D.J.!! Honored by your presence, Mrs. Lisa Evans



Drs. Sean & Catherine McBride
   Saturday, October 11, 2008
It is tough to say what makes a DJ so great- I think you just know after the event. That being said, Gil was hands-down the BEST DJ one could ever hope for. Here are just a few reasons why:

(1) He can take your list of favorite music and formulate from it a fabulous party that flows with ease from cocktail hour through dinner and dancing. That takes great talent.
(2) When you meet him you will feel that you have made a new friend and not just met a DJ for your event.
(3) His professionalism is immaculate and will be in perfect unison with whatever event you are hosting- he will be a wonderful reflection of you as a couple at your very important event.
(4) He will make sure that your party is fabulous even if it means that he gets on the dance floor to share a few moves and get even the most timid of guests to show theirs too. And he is good!
(5) Your guests will rave that Gil is the best DJ they ever met. Our families are huge and everyone is a tough critic, so this may actually be the highest and most reliable compliment.
(6) Yes, even some of our guests who weren't drinking thought that Gil was the best DJ ever.
(7) At the end of the night, you will not be able to wait to host another party to have Gil as your DJ because you know that it will be a fun evening. We were very specific about the music we wanted to hear, yet we had no idea how the music that we liked would translate to a fun and memorable wedding reception.
       Gil was the answer to our prayers because everything turned out to be perfect. We give him the highest recommendation because he uniquely combines a great ear and great talent with a genuinely kind and friendly heart. Thank you, Gil!

Julie & Will - Wedding October 12, 2008

Julie and Will's wedding was a huge success, and Gil Keough contributed greatly to this! Gil was absolutely MARVELOUS!!!! He was the life of the party, with his continuous flow of music, each song right on target, his interacting with the crowd, his joining in dancing at the perfect times and his wonderful personality! In addition, he was most accommodating to all requests and did it with a smile and great enthusiasm, at the ceremony, cocktail hour and reception. All of the guests were really having a terrific time and loved our DJ; they all wanted to know how we ever found HIM! Gil is a total joy and pleasure to work with and he is a stellar professional! If I ever have a need for a DJ again, Gil is my choice! Thank you so very much! Sincerely, Catherine Y. Whitehead - (Mother of Bride) - October 12, 2008


Eli & Megan Faulkner - Wedding September 27, 2008


We were so pleased to have Gil as our DJ. He was professional and polished, put together a great set of songs based on our preferences and even got our guests out on the dance floor! He also did a great job as a master of ceremonies and had a very cheerful and upbeat presence. We cant thank him enough for the great job he did on our big day, and will be sure to pass along our praise to anyone who needs an awesome DJ for their wedding or event. Thanks Gil! - Eli & Megan Faulkner - September 27, 2008 -


 Dave & Kristina Super - September 20, 2008

We loved every minute of the reception! Everyone was up for the majority of the time and had a lot of fun. We are a family of dancers and we like to have the DJ dancing right along with us every step of the way and he did that. He even brought up people from their seats and danced with them one on one which they loved! I would not hesitate to recommend him to another party. As a side note Gil gave Dave and I a cd he made which happened to have most of my favorite songs on it. There was one song by Gavin Degraw that was not played at the wedding or even requested by myself which happens to be one of my favorite songs and it made me want to cry!! Thank you Gil for the great time and great CD!! -

"THIS WAS A WEDDING TO REMEMBER!" - Joan Super (Mother of Groom)

Gil was a terrific DJ!! He really did a wonderful job with everything especially our introductions. He was so accommodating and he really got the crowd involved. We will definitely recommend him for future events! - Brian & Beth Nyce - August 23, 2008

Everyone at my wedding LOVED Gil. He was very professional and fun. He was teaching people dances, and getting everyone on the dance floor. I would recommend Gil to anyone, and already have. THANKS GIL!!!! - William & Diane Buckley - July 26, 2008 ____________________________________________________
Gil is the best DJ ever!! We can't tell you how many of our friends and family raved about how awesome he was. People kept asking where did you find this DJ and did you know he was such a good dancer too? He seriously set the stage for a fantastic party. Our wedding reception was so fun. Gil played our requested songs and played the best songs to get everyone on the dance floor. He joined us for a few dances, had a dance off competition with a few of our guests, and taught a few dances as well. Nobody wanted to leave the dance floor. He was so nice too and it was wonderful meeting up with him before the wedding to pick some music and discuss the big event. Gil also did a great job setting up the microphone for our ceremony and was fantastic to work with. People have already asked for Gil's contact info. If you are looking for a DJ, you won't find a better guy for the job!! Thanks again Gil!! - Joel & Liz Beckman - June 21, 2008

Julio & Mary Rose Correa - July 14, 2008

Overall, we had a fabulous experience with Gil, and we don't feel that we could have chosen a better DJ! He presented himself VERY well, and took great pride in all that he did. His personality was upbeat & contagious (we realized this when we first met him and is one of the key reasons for choosing him as our DJ). We got many compliments on him throughout the evening of our event. More specifically, he did an excellent job at combining cultures, languages, and music types for our event. And he even pulled through on a very last minute request for us... we couldn't have asked for more! We would choose him again!

Wendy & Jack Dibble - May 10, 2008

Gil was absolutely wonderful!! Everyone at the wedding has told us over the past 2 months how great the DJ was. He really identified with the crowd and got everyone totally into the music. He started dances and got people up to join, then he would go back to the microphone. He was able to relate with the teenagers as well as the older folks. His dancing skills are incredible too! He really had a blast with the young people, teaching them dances. The older people totally enjoyed his dancing. Many people have commented on how entertaining he was. Jack and I absolutely loved him. He really brought a lot of excitement to the whole day. We would recommend him to anyone and everyone. We will be calling again when we throw the next big bash here. Thank you for everything!

Paul &  Joyce Carr - November 2, 2008


I just wanted to thank you for making my reception the best . Everyone was saying how much fun you were and how much they love you! Again thanks so much you're the greatest !!!!!! It was a pleasure working with you! 

Everything about Gil was perfect. He was there on time, played all the songs I asked and interacted with the crowd. My day wasn't going so great until I got to the reception. We had a chance to do some singing with Gil and even learned a new dance number with him. I couldn't ask for a better DJ. Let me rephrase that, an ENTERTAINER!!!! I had a good feeling about him with the consultation and I know now woman's intuition is right. Gil is the absolute best. Gil should have a higher rating on this survey for personality. He was very, very, very good !!!!!!! Thank you a million times !! GIL ROCKED MY RECEPTION!!

KEVIN & MELISSA RUTH- Wedding October 09, 2009

My wife and I were so thankful to have DJ Gil at our wedding. He spent the time to meet with us a year before our wedding to get to know us a little better and see what we were looking for at our reception. Gil was a great communicator and during the busy time leading up to our wedding was quick to get back to any questions we had. He was the life of the party at our wedding and our guests all told us how much fun he was. People were out dancing literally the whole night!!! I would HIGHLY recommend DJ Gil to anyone looking for a good time at their wedding reception.

Thanks again! ____________________________________________________

Saturday, July 25, 2009
Gil was everything we could have hoped for and more! We received so many comments from our guests saying how wonderful he was. We had a pretty diverse group in terms of age, but Gil had something for everyone! He was very interactive and had the place rockin! We would definitely recommend Gil and we will NEVER use anyone else from here on out! Gil, you are the BEST!!!!