“Best DJ ever - DJ Gil ROCKS!” - 
Derek Transue - 95.7 BEN FM

Adam and Kayla's Wedding - 9/5/15
Gil Keough was more than I could of ever asked for in a DJ! There aren't enough words to describe how AMAZING he is at what he does! He isn't just a DJ that stands behind the table, he puts his whole heart and soul into making your event nothing less than amazing! He gets on the dance floor and makes everyone get involved, people truly thought he was a family friend because he makes everyone around him feel like your lifetime friend! You can tell he loves what he does and has fun doing it! Both my husband and I have guests asking for his contact info for their upcoming events because they had the best time at our wedding and it was all thanks to Gil and his team! If I could recommend anything for your upcoming wedding it is to hire Gil as your DJ! Not only is the price right, but you will have the time of your life! - Ballester wedding

 "Working for a radio station, we’ve seen A LOT of DJs - Gil Keough, The Dancing DJ is, hands-down, the best DJ we have ever seen! -
 Latoya Charleston - 95.7 BEN FM

Mission Statement:

Aristotle said "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, it is a habit." My habit is to provide outstanding,  professional, and unforgettable entertainment at your event whether it is a Wedding, Bar or Bat mitzvah, or Corporate event. 

My goal is to make your event so spectacular that people will walk out saying it was the best event they have EVER been to!
Are you tired of functions where the DJ just hides behind a box and spins the same old tunes? At Knock 'Em Out Entertainment, we are party rockers and interactive entertainers!

Gil is an Urban Dance-master and a certified Ballroom Dancer. He'll not only play music at your function, but kick your party into overdrive by getting on the dance floor with your guests and helping them shake their groove thing!

You're about to learn how you can make your next event the best party you OR your guests will ever attend!

What makes Knock 'Em Out different from other DJ Companies?

Well, first of all...we're NOT JUST DJS! As ENTERTAINERS, we all have similar tools, sound systems, music, lights, etc. But what REALLY makes for a SPECTACULAR event? Is it the speakers? The up-lighting? When the lights come down and it's time to dance most DJs have only one tool that they can use to get people moving...the music.

But, what happens when the DJ plays a song and NOBODY dances?...RIGHT! He plays another song...and if no one dances to that song? You get the picture? As one of my clients recently said on "a DJ can make or break a party..." why? Because the DJ is responsible for ENTERTAINING your guests. In fact, it has been said that the DJ/entertainment is responsible for up to 80% of the success of any event!
Because we know that, we have more than one tool in our "utility belt." The Dancing DJs do more than "just play music." As Entertainment Directors we read the crowd and provide as much interaction as is necessary to not only get your guests dancing, but KEEP THEM ON THE FLOOR ALL NIGHT! 

What Makes a Great Entertainer?
The following was written by Sean McBride - A "Dancing DJ" client:

It is tough to say what makes a DJ so great- I think you just know after the event. That being said, Gil was hands-down the BEST DJ one could ever hope for. Here are just a few reasons why:

(1) He can take your list of favorite music and formulate from it a fabulous party that flows with ease from cocktail hour through dinner and dancing. That takes great talent.

(2) When you meet him you will feel that you have made a new friend and not just met a DJ for your event.

(3) His professionalism is immaculate and will be in perfect unison with whatever event you are hosting- he will be a wonderful reflection of you as a couple at your very important event.

(4) He will make sure that your party is fabulous even if it means that he gets on the dance floor to share a few moves and get even the most timid of guests to show theirs too. And he is good!

(5) Your guests will rave that Gil is the best DJ they ever met. Our families are huge and everyone is a tough critic, so this may actually be the highest and most reliable compliment.

(6) Yes, even some of our guests who weren't drinking thought that Gil was the best DJ ever.

(7) At the end of the night, you will not be able to wait to host another party to have Gil as your DJ because you know that it will be a fun evening.

We were very specific about the music we wanted to hear, yet we had no idea how the music that we liked would translate to a fun and memorable wedding reception. Gil was the answer to our prayers because everything turned out to be perfect. We give him the highest recommendation because he uniquely combines a great ear and great talent with a genuinely kind and friendly heart. Thank you, Gil!- Sean & Catherine McBride

What Do You want in a DJ/Entertainer?

I always ask my clients how they feel about DJs they have seen perform in the past. Invariably they can all remember that wedding or event they attended where the DJ was terrible and they had no fun. When asked why the DJ was not good the replies are usually the same:
1 - The DJ didn't play good music
2- The DJ couldn't read the crowd
3- The DJ refused to play requests
4- There were times when the music just stopped or was "choppy".
5- The DJ just hung out behind their box all night and didn't interact.

Let us discuss:
1- The DJ didn't play good music...

1 - The DJ didn't play good music

This is an interesting concern since all DJs pretty much use the same pre-recorded music. If they are keeping up with what is current and have a decent catalog of music then there is no reason they can't play "good music". The problem is not the music, but the DJ's inability or deliberate decision to play music that will motivate their audience to dance. The truth is that every event, every crowd is different. A play-list that packs the floor and rocks the house at one event may not necessarily succeed at another event next week. Why? Simply put, "different strokes for different folks." Some audiences like a mixture of classic rock, 80’s, and Motown; another group might really like Old School and newer Hip Hop, Funk, and Line Dances. If the DJ doesn’t know who he’s playing for then they won’t dance.

2- The DJ couldn't read the crowd…

This is a common concern. What this really means is that the DJ didn’t do enough research or ask his/her client the right questions before the event and he is winging it…ALL night. OR the DJ believes that his experience is enough to carry him through the event. While there are tried and true play-lists that are considered “floor packers” a DJ that relies SOLELY on these lists or their own “expertise” many times find themselves struggling to get or keep people on the dance floor. It is important for the client to be involved in the music selection process. Why? Because you know your family and friends better than any DJ ever can. You’ve been partying and dancing with them for years so, you know what they like and what will get them moving. By giving your DJ your input, it will take less time to “read” the crowd and tells the entertainer the kinds of music that pretty much guarantees will keep your guests dancing all night.

3- The DJ refused to play requests…

We keep hearing this over and over. I don’t get it. The bride, groom, or a guest comes by the DJ’s station and requests a song and the DJ says “I’m not playing that…” WHAT?!! Why would a DJ do that? Well, several reasons, none of which I agree with. One: Pride. They don’t want to be the DJ that plays the “Chicken Dance” even if THE BRIDE tells them to. Two: They think they know better…in their opinion, the song doesn’t fit into their pre-planned play-list and playing it will “ruin their rep”. Three: The DJ doesn’t like the song, NEVER plays that song, or thinks that your request is merely a “suggestion” that they don’t have to fit into their repertoire because, in their opinion, it will interrupt their flow of music.

It is true that there is a science to mixing music. It is a method to keep people dancing to play music within the same beat range. So, we do play songs that have similar “speeds” if we want to keep ‘em dancing. Playing an obscure song or a song that does not match the beat currently playing, may cause many of the dancers to leave the floor, and once they leave, it can be difficult to get them back. That being said, refusing to play a bride’s or groom’s request because you don’t think it will “fit” with what you are playing basically means you are playing for yourself and your rep and NOT entirely for the folks who hired you.

A really good DJ will find a way to work their clients requests into the evening because THAT’S WHAT THEY’RE BEING PAID TO DO! Make sure you ask your DJ how they plan to keep your guests dancing and how they handle requests. REMEMBER: you’re signing the check at the end of the event, so, you SHOULD GET WHAT YOU’RE PAYING FOR!

4- The music just stopped or was "choppy"…

Every now and then this might happen accidentally (once), or it might be the result of poor mixing skills, or poor planning. There is no logical reason this should happen throughout the entire event. It means that your DJ is not as experienced as he may have led you to believe. It means they are winging it and really don’t know what song to play next. It could mean their laptop just froze and they don’t have a CD or back up music source ready to go. Or it could mean that the DJ company you’ve hired is training their new guys on YOUR TIME. All of this translates to people either waiting for the next song to begin or leaving the floor. You don’t want that on your wedding day…or at ANY event for that matter!

You should be able to review your DJ past performances. This is why I have posted comments from previous clients. Make sure you are getting a seasoned professional who knows how to transition smoothly from one song or genre to the next without those awkward silences or choppiness that is a mood killer on the dance floor.

5- The DJ hung out behind their box & didn’t interact...

 Many DJ companies actually sell “against” an interactive DJ. They call it “cheesy” or “intrusive” or “NOT classy.” I even heard of one DJ company who uses the slogan “We don’t do line dances, or interaction, just Classy, LOW-KEY, weddings and parties…” REALLY? When was that last time YOU went to a party or wedding reception that you had an absolute BLAST at and walked out saying “I had so much fun, that party was so LOW-KEY!” Or a better question might be: “Would YOU rather attend a LOW-KEY event, or a party that was AMPED UP & ROCKIN’ ALL NIGHT LONG?!

As one of my clients recently said on "a DJ can make or break a party..." You don’t MAKE a party by being LOW-KEY. How do you want your reception or party to be remembered? A) LOW-KEY? or B) Remembered forever as the best party your guests have EVER been to! -- I’ll take option B any day of the week!

There is a saying: “I do what I do, because I can do it. You do what YOU do, because you CAN’T do what I do.” The simple truth is that 95% of DJs don’t interact with their audiences BECAUSE THEY SIMPLY DON’T KNOW HOW! Most DJs can’t dance and don’t want to learn. They use statements like “I let my music do the talking for me.” Or “I don’t have to interact, I just play good music…” and when that music fails to motivate people to dance? The only thing they can do is PLAY ANOTHER SONG. Don't believe the hype. A good entertainer, as my client said above "will make sure that your party is fabulous even if it means that he gets on the dance floor to share a few moves and get even the most timid of guests to show theirs too." Not to take over the floor, but to be there just enough to get folks started if need be and keep them going on the floor all night.

So, what do you want in a DJ/Entertainer?

1- A DJ that plays music specific to your likes and to those of your friends and family.

2- The ability to work WITH you to create a playlist that will motivate your guests to party all night long!

3- A DJ who cares more about what YOU and your GUESTS want than he does for his own rep, and who will honor your requests. PERIOD!

4- A seasoned entertainer who can transition music smoothly & keep the music flowing in such a way that your guests will stay on the floor all night.

5-A DJ who knows how to interact just enough to be a party motivator and make your event memorable!

Sounds like a job for...THE DANCING DJS! After all,
Knock 'Em Out is not who we are...IT'S WHAT WE DO!
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